Excerpts from correspondence and our guest book.
Dear Owen & Denyse:
I just wanted to send you folks a letter to say Thank You for giving Roger Minor, Mike and me a great bear-hunting trip. Even though I didn't harvest a bear (2 out of 3 isn't bad though), I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. I'm glad my wife encouraged me to come; she's the greatest!
When Greg K. told us guys what to expect, I couldn't have dreamed it would be as good as he talked! You went over and above to make us happy and FULL. I couldn't wear the pants I brought to wear home because I gained so much due to Denyse's cooking. My wife thinks I spent all my time eating and not hunting. haha
I feel we made some wonderful friends and we will be in touch soon to schedule for next year.
If you need us for references, please use us; we will be happy to help. Thanks again.

What a blast!
John, Jason + Denise L.   WI
Dear Owen & Denyse:
I know I can speak for the entire "Buffalo Group" in saying thank you for our return to the Missinaibi R. successful.
Your friendliness, cooperation and knowledge of the river all helped to make this the best of our 3 trips.
As primary meal planner and dinner cook I'm glad I didn't have to follow our post trip dinner with another meal.
Our only regret is that we don't get to see both of you more often ... , but we will again!
Thanks again for all your good work.
Dan and the guys

Thank you again for what I really needed, Peace, quiet, and rest. The fishing was wonderful. Your hospitality was very warming.    Lou & Michelle

Our week @ Mons Lake was priceless!
We had a great time fishing and looking at the stars. Thanks for a fine experience!
Tony & Teresa H.   Chelton WI
Missinaibi survivor after two weeks.
Great weather and a once in a lifetime experience, that I would like to experience again.
Thanks a million!!!
Andreas E., Ray S., Stan R.,   NY

Thank you for everything.
Billy G.    Cattlettsburg KY

Owen & Denyse:
What can we say - except incredible! Even though it was (according to the moon cycle) not the best time to fish, we caught plenty. Owen's knowledge of the 'hotspots' in Mons and Dumbell made it easier for us to catch what we wanted. The cabin at Mons Lake far exceeded our expectations in terms of comfort!
Denyse - you are a fine cook. The meals in main camp were very much appreciated as was your hospitality in general.
John & Dave   Guelph   ON