Our 500 square mile Archery only area (Mons Lake outpost) has incredibly huge bears. Most bears taken from this area make P & Y and some even make Boone & Crocket. This hunting area borders the northern portion of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve (the largest wilderness no-hunting sanctuary in the world).

For archery hunters with ATV's, the accommodations for this archery only area is our solar powered Mons Lake outpost cabin. This cabin can accommodate 6 hunters very comfortably and it has hot and cold running water and a hot shower.

Outpost Camp Baited Bear Hunting
(Bow Hunters only)

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Mons Lake $1500
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Hunting & Fishing Licence Information
Doug Crabtree, from Bow came to us for a successful hunt.

Quote from Doug: "We guessed the bear's weight around 370 lbs. He measured 6 foot from the tip of his nose to his tail. His front foot pad measured 6 inches across. Greg said he was sure this was a P/Y bear. Either way I'm proud of him."

NOTE: I place all our hunters at bait sites that I would personally hunt. I will work as hard as possible to ensure every hunter has a shooting opportunity on a trophy bear or moose.
What to Bring:
I recommend that hunters bring quiet portable tree stands (most bears are within 200 yards of each bait and can hear you climb) and personal items such as food, camo clothing, sleeping bag (for outposts), scent neutralizing spray, hunting and fishing equipment, trail timers, bug spray (just in case).
It is the law in Ontario to wear a hunter orange vest and headgear when travelling and hunting on the ground.
Please let us know what kind of vehicle you are coming up here with and if you plan on bringing an ATV (Law requires you to wear a helmet to ride the ATV) so I can set aside bait sites ideally suited for you and your party.

Bait sites allow for the terrain & prevailing winds, so bears are less likely to smell or see you.
Most baits are 2 - 3 miles apart within 45 minutes from each camp.

On the first day of your hunt, I will show you where your bait site is located and which tree would be better for you to shoot from.

I will also show you how to arrive and leave a bait site without spooking the bears in the area and where to place your positioning bait in order to get the perfect shot. You are required to supply your own transportation to and from the baits.


Our archery moose hunting area seems to attract many trophy bulls during the fall "rut".

The rut usually starts within the first 10 days of the open archery season.
It is quite common to have 2 or more bulls respond to my calls.
Most shots are within 20 yards (the closest so far is 2 yards).

Due to our extremely high success rate, we have many people on our waiting list.

Doug Crabtree from
All prices are per person  ($US)   (taxes extra)
(Other currencies at current exchange rates)
Adult Moose   $5100