Our outpost camp is the only cabin on Mons and Dumbell Lakes. Check it out HERE.

Mons and Dumbell Lakes are in the Arctic watershed and are the remote headwaters of the Opasatika River. They have been designated by the Province of Ontario as "Tourism Lakes" and are set aside and protected by the Ontario MNR to provide enhanced fishing and hunting opportunities for our guests.

There is no direct road access to these lakes.

Mons and Dumbell Lakes contain Walleye, Northern Pike, and Yellow Perch. Most of the streams in the area contain Brook Trout.

There are 14' boats with swivel seats powered by Yamaha and Mercury outboards from 6 to 9.9. hp as well as a 17' Old Town canoe at this camp. Outboard gas is supplied.

Drinking water for this outpost can be obtained from a natural crystal clear spring that flows into Dumbell Lake which has some of the cleanest, best tasting water found in Canada.

Because of the low fishing pressure on this system (we allow only 8 parties per year), there is excellent potential for HUGE trophy size fish to be caught.

In order to save you money on your vacation, we will provide your party with transportation to this camp using our "Bush Taxis" (6 passenger 4X4 pick-up and 8 wheel Argo ATV - see above).

When you arrive, I will show you exact locations on the lake where the good fishing is.

The Mons Lake remote outpost camp can be accessed by float plane (approx. $2000 per flight for float plane).

You will catch plenty of fish !

All prices are per person  ($US)  (taxes extra)
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7 Day Package  (4 - 6 Persons) $675
7 Day Package  (3 Persons or Less) $790
4 Day Package  (4 - 6 Persons) $600
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Hunting & Fishing Licence Information

Fishing Licences are extra for all packages.

To ensure our high quality fishing for you in the future, we request that you release the larger breeding fish (if possible). If you should hook a trophy fish, please carefully take measurements of the fish's length and girth and take plenty of photos. We then ask you to release it as soon as possible. Doing this will enable this fish to continue breeding future generations with its superior genes.
If you wish, we can arrange to have a Replica Mount of your trophy made by a reputable taxidermist.