In season, we offer hunting for bear and moose.
Due its remote location, our area (James Bay Frontier) has some of the best black bear and moose habitats. Our Bear Hunt Statistics tell the story (see right).
The nearby town of Hearst is known worldwide as
Let us provide you with an unforgettable opportunity to fulfill your dreams of moose and black bear hunting.

Our 7 day bear hunts run weekly from August 15 to September 15.
(Hunt start and finish times can be arranged to meet your schedule.) Our main base caters to both bow and gun hunters (or camera).

  • We carefully limit the number of anglers, bear and moose hunters (maximum 12 per week) to prevent the over-harvesting of our fish and wildlife.
  • The majority of our past hunters and fishermen come back to us each year.
  • Most of our clients book the next year's hunt while they are still hunting with us.
  • 75% of our hunters hunt with archery.
  • Bear hides are much better quality in the fall.
  • There are fewer biting flies during the fall hunt.
  • Fishing & Hunting licenses are extra.

To arrange accommodations while you participate in our Main Base Hunting packages, please call Gerry or Yvonne Beaulieu at 1-705-335-2930.
They are right next door to us at Shallow Lake.

Due to our careful management, this area has an exceptionally abundant large bear population. The Ontario record 760 pound black bear was killed in our area in September 1993. We have bears even larger, but be warned - big bears are not dumb!

Jon Silks from Bow
enjoyed his experience with us.

All prices are per person  ($US)  (taxes extra)
(Other currencies at current exchange rates)

Fishing (and boat, motor and gas) is included with all hunts and Freezers are available to store your meat and hides.
7 Day $900
Bear skinning by us (per bear) $100
Hunting & Fishing Licence Information

Most male bears field dress between 175 - 300 lbs. Female bears dress between 120 - 200 lbs. Because of our northern latitude, large bear population, and limited natural food supply, most of our male bears are lean. Most of our male bears that field dress over 200 lbs. will make "P & Y"

2001: In the first 3 weeks of our hunt, only one hunter did not get a good shot at a bear. During the last week of our hunt (Sept. 8 - 15), our hunters had to leave early due to the horrible events in New York City and Washington.

2002: We had an incredible berry crop that slowed bait activity. However, during the first three weeks of our hunt, 75% of our hunters had a shot at a bear. The week of Sept. 8 - 14 was really hot with temperatures in the 90's and most bears stopped moving. The few that did hit baits, did it after dark when the temperature cooled.

2003: In the first week of the hunt, only one hunter did not have a shot at a bear. Despite bad weather in the second week of the hunt, half of the hunters had shooting opportunities. In the third and fourth weeks of our hunt, 75% got a good shot. The bear sizes were larger than in past years with the biggest being over 500 pounds and many were in the 300 to 400 pound range.

2004: Only two hunters did not get a shot at a bear. The largest bear harvested was field dressed at 450 pounds.

2005: 75% of our hunters harvested a bear and only 2 hunters did not see or get a shot at a bear.

2006: 75% of our hunters had shooting opportunities and approximately 60% brought home a bear. The largest bear was about 500 pounds.

2007: 90% of our hunters brought home a bear.

2008: The wettest summer in recent history brought a bumper berry crop that ripened on opening day of the hunt. This and hot weather slowed bait activity. However 50% of our hunters brought home a bear. Most of the bears were harvested in September, when the weather cooled and berries were less numerous.

2009: 100% of our hunters saw bears. 60% harvested a bear.

2010: 85% of our hunters saw bears. 60% harvested a bear.

2011: Another incredible berry crop year! 92% of our hunters saw bears. 42% harvested a bear.

2012: 80% of our hunters saw bears. 66% harvested a bear.

2013: 90% of our hunters saw bears. 50% harvested a bear.

2014: 70% of our hunters saw bears. 50% harvested a bear.

2015: 90% of our hunters saw bears. 65% harvested a bear.